Volunteers Give $1.5 Million to JoeAnna's House

It’s one of the largest cash gifts for JoeAnna’s House and it comes courtesy of over 400+ auxiliary members and volunteers to the KGH Foundation. The hospital’s four volunteer-run businesses have announced a $1.5 million donation, which comes in advance of the home’s opening later this year.

Back in 2017, the KGH Foundation-operated businesses pledged to raise $1.5 million for JoeAnna’s House. The Perking Lot, Royal Bistro, Centennial Mercantile and Rutland Thrift Store have achieved that goal! Hundreds of volunteers donate their time so that 100% of the proceeds from every cup of coffee, bakery item, bistro item, gift or thrift find can be given back.

“What an accomplishment,” expresses Nancy Wells, Director of Business Enterprises at the KGH Foundation. “Our volunteers come from all walks of life - from university students to empty nesters to retirees - everyone has given the gift of time and we couldn’t do this without you!” To her fleet of 400+ volunteers, she simply states: “You should all be very proud.”

Wells oversees operations at the four volunteer venues, three of which are located within KGH and one in Rutland.

“Every four-hour volunteer shift represents a position we don’t have to pay a wage for, which cuts our overhead and increases our fundraising potential. And for our money-making ventures in the hospital and Rutland, it just means more opportunities to fund equipment and patient-care innovations not currently covered through our taxes.”

What an amazing commitment and accomplishment for the volunteers. THANK YOU.

A handful of volunteers, representing a force over 400 people strong, visited JoeAnna's House to announce they've completed their commitment to raise $1.5 million

Sept. 5 Construction Update

Every day there is something different, something new to see! Paint is going on the walls downstairs, stone is in and the kitchen cabinets are being installed. It’s looking beautiful! Can you just imagine how incredible this will all be when it is finished?

Speaking of paint… the painter joked that people never notice the paint (especially when it’s white) unless it’s a bad job, and then everybody notices. Well, we beg to differ. After all, the painting at JoeAnna’s House is crisp, bright, clean and BEAUTIFUL. A noticeable job well done, indeed.

Dream Rally

On Sunday, Kelowna saw the likes of over 230 super cars hit the highway for an epic rally, all to raise funds for Ronald McDonald House Charities and JoeAnna’s House. This event has quickly grown into one of the events of the summer and our hearts are bursting with gratitude and pride.

Heartfelt thanks to the folks over at the August Family Foundation for your big hearts, community spirit, pride and for caring so much for the kids. We are so grateful for your community leadership, pride and ongoing effort to give back. It’s inspiring. Thank you.

Here are a few photos from the event. Can you spot JoeAnna’s House, KGH Foundation and the project manager for Team Construction and JoeAnna’s House, Chuck Cullen?

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like a Home...

Drywall and paint have this way of turning a construction site into something that really starts to feel like a home.

July has been a busy month so far at the JoeAnna’s House build site. Telus has wired every room for Internet and phone, the elevator is going in, upstairs has drywall and some paint, and downstairs you can really start to feel the openness of what is going to be a great gathering space.

The Roof is On

Since launching our campaign to build and operate JoeAnna's House, the project has received unprecedented community support. Thanks to the hard work of our partners at TEAM Construction Management and all of their trades, we're still on schedule to open as early as Christmas 2019. 

The exterior of JoeAnna's House is really starting to look like the beautiful home-away-from-home it was conceptualized to be. The roof is on. Much of the exterior siding is up and exterior doors are being put into place. Inside, electrical and plumbing is going in along with some drywall and insulation.

It's continuing to all come together very quickly. Thank you for helping us build JoeAnna’s House.